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Ramblin' and scramblin'. Ilana Newman photo.

As a kid, I was somehow entrusted with the camera on many family hiking trips. On my first backpacking trip away from my parents, I took hundreds of photos because I wanted them to experience the journey like I did. In a way, that was my first story assignment, and right around then, blending photography with life in the mountains clicked for me.

Today, I continue to experience the mountains through climbing, backcountry skiing and trail running, always looking through the lens for new ways to bring that experience back home. I am driven by a sense of wonder and infinite stoke, wondering just what lies between contour lines on the map, what great adventures lie beyond the next ridge.

On the weekdays, I am a student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, where I continue to develop my photography career and build my tolerance for bad weather. In between every rainy day in town and whiteout in the North Cascades, I hold nothing but optimism for whatever lies just over that next ridge. If you share the same stoke and sense of adventure, I'm open to both commercial and editorial assignments, and would love to work with you.